Contemplations of a Farmer.

I’m going to attempt to write a poem,

Though it’s been a long time since English in school,

Right now I just feel like it will express my emotions,

And the way every day makes me feel.

To make me remember to smile no matter the motions,

And appreciate what each day reveals.


I’m not really good at rhyming,

I’m not a poet and it shows.

But I want to express my feelings,

This seemed a good way – so here goes.


I’ve been a farmer for just a few years,

I’m new to this country life.

The way it gets under your skin and molds you,

Experiencing both the joys and the strife.


It can be hard, dirty and sweaty,

And the animals don’t do as they’re told.

But as day passes day, I am sure,

I’ll have lots of stories to tell when I’m old.


Watching the seasons change, and the light,

There’s no closer to the earth you can get.

The milky way illuminated on a cold, clear night,

This is a view not easy to forget.


Thunder in the distance,

Dark clouds hug the mountain sides.

Praying for the rain to reach us,

Raindrops on the roof – God provides.


Every Spring I’m impatient and eager to see,

The green grass growing up through the brown.

But nature teaches patience and contemplation,

And I must learn from the profound.


When the aphids over run the broccoli,

The ladybirds flock to the feast.

Give a little time- no pesticides please,

and there’ll be greens to make dinner complete.


A rooster crows, a cow helloo’s,

It’s the sounds of the farm – it’s true.

The currawongs sing, the kookaburra laughs,

Sharing the land with the wallaby and kangaroo.


The beauty of God’s hand around me,

The rules and laws He has set in place.

Reminds me He’s the ultimate creator,

We’re His stewards, just here for a space.


By Sandra Lawson.

October 2023





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