After years of searching we finally found our piece of paradise in 2014. We then sold our business and 4 acres of bushland in Brisbane and relocated out to the country in 2017. Due to the size of the property, we knew this was more than a weekender and it had to be all or nothing. We chose to fully commit to the management of this land, which has become our fulltime job.

Before moving to the property, we did extensive renovations to the existing farmhouse, making it more liveable for our family and maintaining its uniqueness and charm (see the photos in our blog article titled Meet the Farmers). Having off grid water and power does involve rather a lot of maintenance and repair as well as most fences being in need of fixing. We upgraded one of the sheds as a workshop and rebuilt the milking shed.

As you can imagine, running a farm has its fair share of ups and downs. Lack of rain, too much rain, economic factors, condition of the land, and much more. It’s hard work but honest work, PLUS it is a great lifestyle. All in all, we love it! 

In our blog we share some of the goings on here on our farm as well as information related to regenerative farming.

Our main goals on our farm are:

  • Rejuvenate/ regenerate the soil
  • Enhance/improve the water cycle
  • Protect riparian areas
  • Provide good quality healthy meat
  • Be good custodians of the land, including the Nature Refuge
  • Protect and care for animals in our safekeeping
  • Provide a succession plan for the future

‘Carbon Cowboys’ is a film that inspires us. It provides an overview of what we are striving to do. It also explains what we believe regenerative farming means. Visit the Carbon Cowboys website here.

‘One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts’ is another film that inspires us. Visit their website at White Oak Pastures


Shingle Hut Creek Farm and Nature Refuge spans the upper hills of the Shingle Hut Creek catchment and the smaller valley of Buchanans creek. It borders Mount Mistake and Main Range National Park across the southern boundary.

The hills are mostly forested with a mix of ironbark, Moreton Bay ash, blue gum, yellow box, stringybark, bloodwood, brushbox, forest she-oak and others. Rainforest vegetation (red cedar, native figs, palms, brushbox, lilly pilly and many others) grows along the upper reaches of the creek, which has almost permanent water. The lower areas of the property are partially cleared in near-level areas adjacent to the creek.

The jewel in the crown is the crystal clear and clean water that flows out of the rainforest on the top of the escarpment of Main Range National Park, down two 100m waterfalls into Shingle Hut Creek, which then bisects our property before making its way to the bay.

We take the responsibility of looking after the land and resources we are entrusted with, very seriously. It is an absolute joy and privilege to be here.


We provide good quality, nourishing beef meat products via local markets and sales at the farm gate by appointment. Please note: We are also open to discussion if you wish to purchase a half or whole beast. Phone us on (07) 5466 7175 to buy our meat or click the below button to contact us via our online enquiry form.

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