Update 8/12/22: Currently we don’t have meat available for sale. Please contact us if you would like to be notified when our meat is available. Please also consider subscribing to our eNewsletter. The subscribe form is towards the bottom of our website (on each page).

Update 9/03/24: We are now selling a full selection of grass fed and finished chemical free beef at our local “Mulgowie Farmers Market” on the first Saturday of each month. More information is here.

Update 17/06/23: We are excited to announce that we now have meat for sale! We’re initially selling:

  • Grass Finished Beef Mince Packs (average 1kg/pack) – $20 per pack
  • Sausage Packs (average 1kg/pack) – $22 per pack
  • Other meat cuts
  • ½ or ¼ of a beast

If you would like to purchase meat from us, please contact us.

We are also now selling Finished Tallow @ $20 per kilo (with weights ranging from 600gms to over a kilo.)

Please note: This is ‘stage 1’ of our meat selling. If you would like to be notified about our upcoming future stages, please consider subscribing to our eNewsletter. The subscribe form is towards the bottom of our website (on each page).

We produce beef that is Pastured, chemical free and grown as nature intended.

The meat we provide for you is what we eat ourselves. It is meat raised on native pastures for the entirety of its life, no grain ever. This provides a healthier nutrition profile for you and your family.

Our cattle carry no cost to the environment, in fact they provide a positive impact for their entire lifetime. Managing our cattle in a holistic grazing system creates soil quality, biodiversity, sequesters carbon and literally brings life. We use regenerative agriculture farming methods.

By buying local you are supporting your local community, and your local farmers. We would like to thank you very much for choosing to support us.

We provide a variety of beef meat options including:

  • General cuts such as mince, sausages, steaks, roasts and slow cooking cuts.
  • Organ meat is also available on request.
  • We also sell whole or half-beasts

We will be working with our butcher to increase the variety of cuts as we are able to.

Phone us on (07) 5466 7175 to buy our meat or click the below button to contact us via our online enquiry form.

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