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Shingle Hut Creek Farm is a family-owned farm, run by Dominic and Sandra Lawson. Our farm is located in the foothills of Mt Mistake which is a 1.5 hour drive south-west of Brisbane in the Lockyer Valley. With 2,400 acres of land from undulating to the escarpment, we run breeder cattle to sell nourishing healthy meat, improve and manage our land, and provide a lifestyle for us and our family.

Cattle in pasture


As farmers we believe in nutritious and nourishing food for our family and for yours. We go the extra mile to provide as much as we can to make our cattle’s lives enjoyable and carefree. This also ensures a product that tastes great and nourishes your body without compromising your ethics. 

Our cattle are raised in native pastures for the entirety of their life. We do not feed them grain, ever. 

Our cattle carry no cost to the environment, in fact they provide a positive impact for their entire lifetime. Managing our cattle in a holistic grazing system creates quailty soil, biodiversity, sequesters carbon and literally brings life.


We are building our herd at the moment. Currently we run around 80 – 90 breeder cattle that were purchased in 2020 at the end of the drought. 

We currently run a Droughtmaster bull with our breeder cows. He is doing a superb job, and we are getting some good progeny from him to improve our base herd. 

We try to keep the family together in one herd as much as possible and this strengthens the bonds between mother and calf so that behaviors are learnt from generation to generation that improve the health and wellbeing of the total herd. There is nothing better than seeing a mother and calf share life together.


In the management of our cattle we try to put the grass first – you could say we are as much grass farmers as cattle farmers. This is expressed in the timing and way we let our cattle graze. 

Our goal is to only graze enough of the plant to give it a kick start to grow more roots, thereby pulling more carbon and water into the ground and more nutritious green leaves on top to feed the cows even better next time around. 

This process helps us through droughts by holding more water in the soil and creating a more robust grass plant. This also helps through floods as ground cover helps reduce erosion, stops silt clogging up the creeks and ultimately holds more of the runoff in the soil, rather than creating flood conditions downstream. This way our cattle are healthy and eat well, our native wildlife have a habitat and our land is always improving.


We provide good quality, nourishing beef meat products via local markets and sales at the farm gate by appointment. Please note: We are also open to discussion if you wish to purchase a half or whole beast. Phone us on (07) 5466 7175 to buy our meat or click the below button to contact us via our online enquiry form.


To provide nutritious meat for our community in a way that improves and regenerates our land, provides a living and a lifestyle for us as a family and looks after our animals in a way that respects the innateness of what they are.

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