News From the Farm – A Quick Update

Just a quick blog update today. A bit of quick news from the farm:

We now have a grand total of 200 cattle on our place, and just put 142 of them (what we call the breeder group), into a new paddock up the back of the property, which Dominic has just finished fencing. We hope it will feed them till Spring or longer. So I think for the moment we are done with fencing and are going to get some other things done, … maybe keep working on the water infrastructure. It never seems to end but we are chipping away at the large infrastructure projects. YAY!

We have just had a new heifer calf, Cocoa, born to one of our dairy cows. She is animal number 200, with many more to be born to the breeder group in the next few months.

Cocoa the Calf
Cocoa the Calf 🙂

A very dry Winter in comparison to the previous couple of years, so we are really keeping an eye on numbers and available feed. You never stop learning and adjusting to new challenges. If this dry period turns into a drought it will be another first for us – first drought while running cattle, and all the new decisions that come with that.

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