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Where to Find Ethical and Organic Essential Living Item Options including Healthy Food and Clothing? Part 1

For over 20 years now, I have been on a journey towards a more organic and ethical lifestyle.

It has taken me much time to find companies that tick all my boxes in regards to the how, where and when.

I thought I would share with you my list of organisations and people from which I source much of my food and clothing.

I am not affiliated with any of these organisations and don’t get any kickbacks from recommending their products. This blog post simply contains information about what I utilise in my own life.

I have also added some products that have shown themselves to be robust and have longevity, because less waste is always good.

What we eat…

Honest to Goodness – this is an online shop, based in Victoria, that sells bulk pantry items such as dried fruit, grains, etc.

Sovereign Foods – Brisbane-based not-for-profit company that connects farmers to consumers. Thor knows every farmer he deals with and checks out the produce for quality & integrity, stocks pantry items (both organic and non-organic) and also facilitates delivery of vegetable boxes. He also has a stall at the West End Markets and Northey Street Organic Markets. Is located at Moorooka.

Northey Street Organic Markets – are held every Sunday morning from 6 – 11am at Northey St City Farm @ Herston in Brisbane. A variety of organic fruit and vegetables, direct from the farmer, are sold, as well as meat and some dairy, including raw milk. Up until about 2 years ago, we bought from these markets almost every week for the last 24 years.

Mr Organics – based in Toowoomba, he has a shop front as well as delivering organic fruit and vegetable boxes, meat and dairy. We bought his boxes for a time; he delivers around Qld and some areas of NSW.

Brisbane Certified Organics – sell high-quality organic beef, chicken, pork and lamb, broth and some smallgoods… and the best chicken Liver Pate I’ve tasted! She can be found at Northey St Organic Markets every Sunday and also delivers around Brisbane.

Forage Farms – based on the Sunshine Coast, Forage Farms delivers ethical regeneratively farmed chemical-free beef, pork and chicken right to your door.

Graham Redhead – based out of Brisbane, Graham runs cheese-making workshops in capital cities of the south coast. He offers a two-day course where you learn many types of cheeses. Very informative! He also runs an online shop for all your cheesemaking needs. I did his workshop 1 course before we were milking cows and use mainly his recipes for my cheeses. I haven’t had a bad one yet!

Kombucha Kamp – extensive experience and information on brewing kombucha and kefir fermented drinks.

Austral herbs – stocks bulk organic spices and herbs. Online store.

Weston A Price – extensive library of articles and information in regards to ancestral and nutritionally dense ways of eating. Recommendations and lists of people and organisations that can help answer nutritional and health questions.

We of course also eat food we grow.

What we wear…

Bhumi – organic and fair-trade cotton underwear and some clothing

Blessed Earth – organic and fair-trade cotton underwear and clothing.

Patagonia – ethical long-wearing (but expensive) clothing

Smitton Merino – Tasmanian-based wool clothing company. A few years ago I purchased socks from them and I wear them everyday. They have lasted wonderfully. They use Australian wool from unmulesed sheep. Made in Australia by a family-owned business.

Your local second-hand store – reuse and get a longer life out of pre-loved clothing. Say “no thanks” to the murky ethics of fast fashion and set your own style. Also a great place to get low-cost work clothes. When they wear out, turn them into rags. I try to stick to natural fibres for comfort as I’m not very comfortable in plastic. (Polyester and synthetic fibres.)

In part two of this blog post, I’ll explore bedding options, plants and others.

I hope this opens up some options and ideas if you are looking to change your current spending and health choices.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” — Anna Lappe

I vote we spend it as wisely as we can.

We do! 🙂

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