We believe in being stewards of this land, aiding with soil, perennial pasture and landscape regeneration, while also producing high-quality healthy meat products at affordable prices.

Some of the additional reasons why you might like to support our business and buy meat from us include:

  • We farm in a regenerative manner. Some info about regenerative farming is here.
  • Our cattle are 100% grass-fed. We do not feed them grain, ever. They eat quality pasture for the entirety of their lives. This provides a healthier nutrition profile for you and your family.
  • We go above and beyond to ensure our cattle live healthy, happy lives.
  • Buy buying direct from us, you are cutting out the middle-man. This is a win, win. You save money by buying direct from us (the farmer), plus you know exactly where your meat has come from, how it has been grown, how it has been handled, etc.
  • By buying local you are supporting your local community and your local farmers.
  • We care about the land, the ecology, and all its inhabitants (including native flora and fauna). We work within the guidelines of the Nature Refuge, which is part of our property. More info here.

To buy meat from us, call us on (07) 5466 7175 or contact us via our online enquiry form.


Water grows grass, which feeds cattle, which increases water retention, which increases grass… the cycle perpetuates itself. When managed in this way cattle are a great tool that provides many opportunities for improvement of the land and the environment.

  • We muster our cattle on foot, using electric braid alleyways and leading them. We don’t ever use a jigger, we don’t even own one! We try to make the cattle’s every experience with us one that ends in joy, which in cow language means nice feed, so that next time around they will be even more willing to comply with what we want them to do.
  • We provide free choice mineral licks for the cattle to allow them to take what each individual animal personally needs. These can include, sulphur (to help with parasites and flies), calcium (improves lactation), salt, trace minerals, phosphorous, bentobite, and more. These products can be found on the Olsson’s Premium Livestock Nutrition website.
  • We manage our cattle grazing using a grazing plan so we know how long, and when we were last in each paddock. This is subject to change depending on the current conditions of weather, cattle, grass growth, etc.
  • We use organic and natural products for parasite control and look to the natural remedies/minerals for improving health (see info on the Farming Secrets Pat Colby website).


We provide good quality, nourishing beef meat products via local markets and sales at the farm gate by appointment. Please note: We are also open to discussion if you wish to purchase a half or whole beast. Phone us on (07) 5466 7175 to buy our meat or click the below button to contact us via our online enquiry form.

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