When we purchased Shingle Hut Creek Nature Refuge in 2014, most of the property was zoned as a “Nature Refuge” with the exception of around 138 acres at the front near the gate.

The nature refuge was created in 2011 by the previous owners, who wished to protect the legacy of their family’s improvements on the land. This land is now protected for perpetuity, or forever.

A nature refuge is a protected area under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, which provides protection for the significant natural resources on the property as well as allowing for sustainable use of these resources.

Please contact us if you wish to bushwalk or birdwatch, we are most happy to help, just be aware that at some times of the year access can be a bit difficult, and at those times we may ask you to consider another time. Click below to view related PDF documents:


We work within the guidelines of the nature refuge. Because we are farming in a regenerative manner, the goals of both parties (us and the Nature Reserve) work together hand in hand rather than in constant battle.

It means we get to enjoy a great diversity of wildlife and see it flourish under our management, we also get some financial help with conservation projects which has been gratefully received.

Here are some of the ways we work with the nature refuge to protect and enhance the diversity of the flora and fauna (and the entire ecosystem):

  • We try to avoid barb wire fences as much as possible, installing electric internal fencing and a wildlife-friendly perimeter fence when building new or replacing old fences. This has resulted in the removal of a large amount of old rusty barb wire off the land and out of the way of wildlife.
  • By managing our grazing, we leave large swaths of land under native grass which provides habitat and nesting sites which encourages migration back to this safe haven.
  • By enhancing the water cycle it means the creek runs for longer and this encourages the riparian habitat.
  • By providing habitat for the small animals, we provide food for the Wedge Tailed Eagles, Powerful Owls, Kestrels, Peregrine Falcons and other birds of prey that complete the cycle of ecology.
  • We try not to use any chemicals on the animals or the land. For example, using chemicals on cattle impacts their manure, which then impacts species like dung beetles, worms and birds.
  • We fence out riparian areas from the cattle and only graze them when it is advantageous to do so.
  • Weed control
  • Participation in traditional burning workshops


The original Conservation Values Report states that the nature refuge is adjacent to the Main Range National Park and is dominated by ridgelines over 1,000m high on either side of the valley.

Shingle Hut Creek flows through the refuge, emanating from a 100m waterfall on the national park. It can be seen from a number of vantage points on the property. It provides habitat for a number of near threatened and threatened animals including the:

  • Golden-tipped Bat Kerivoul Apapuensis (near threatened)
  • Koala (vulnerable in south East Queensland)
  • Large-eared Pied Bat Chalinolobus Dwyeri (vulnerable)
  • Glossy Black-cockatoo Calyptorhynchus Lathami (vulnerable)’


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